What is the North American Cycle Courier Championships

What is the North American Cycle Courier Championships

The North American Cycle Courier Championships is a two-day race event prepared each year to stimulate the real life tasks of a typical bicycle courier workday. In this event, the bike riders pick up and deliver the most parcels possible at different checkpoints along the racecourse. Each of the riders has to plan their own route along the course and deliver as many parcels as possible within a given period. The main aim of this event is to provide different bike couriers with the opportunity to compete on closed streets for them to strengthen the bonds that make their jobs enjoyable.

This event has been held since the year 1998 and has brought together thousands of cyclists not only in Northern America region but also all over the world. These competition tests the participants cycling speed and skills to crown the fastest bike massager on the continent. In most cases, the event is staged in an urban setting where each courier need to apply their speed and skills they employ on their daily routines to complete this fierce competition.

Participants and event overview

As previously mentioned, this event is specifically prepared for bike messengers. Only the individuals who are working as bike messengers are eligible for the title. The first stage is usually the qualification round where each rider has to earn his or her way into the race. Although the number of participants varies from one year to the other, over the last couple of years, the number of the participant has continued to increase steadily. Only the top 100 participants are given the opportunity to compete in the main event. The main event is usually held on the second day where all those who met the qualification requirements start at the same time and tackles one of the four task sheets that is given to each rider randomly. For one to be crowned as the winner, he or she must compete for all the four tasks sheets using the shortest time possible.

In addition to the main race, other additional events run throughout the weekend. Some of the other events that are included in this event are such as Head-to-head sprints, Skid comp, Quick lock competition, Bunny hop, Track stand, Cargo competition, as well as post-race barbecue.

In 2017, Milwaukee will have the honor of hosting the North American Cycle Courier Championships. It the event will kick off with an opening party on Friday 1st September and run throughout the weekend. After the heroic main race, this event will wrap up on Monday 4th with a closing party.